Website Services for Small Business Owners

I’ve been there!  I’m a 21-year Website Design and Marketing veteran, having launched or worked for a dozen or so small businesses over the years. And, I’ve been programming computers for over 30 years. So, I’ve been around the block.

Think of me as your part-time Website Marketing Manager.
(Why hire one and pay their taxes and healthcare when I’ll do the work cheaper, faster and better?)

Here are my introductory services for small business owners:

1. On-Demand Webmastering – send us an email with the changes you need on your website and I’ll make them within 24 to 48 hours.

2. Website Creation – If you don’t already have a website, I can build one for you. Prices range anywhere from $795 for a SIMPLE (but striking) 5-page website, to four or five thousand dollars, depending on everything.

3. Website Marketing Management – I’ll perform 8, 16, or 24 hours a month of website marketing management tasks for your site for $255, $495, or $740 respectively. (This saves you from paying someone full-time and then they spend half the day futzing around on social media).

This service would include my doing whatever I feel is the most important thing at the time, which would include such things as:

  • Website Health Monitoring – We watch and respond to make sure your site’s traffic keeps coming.
  • SEO Keyword Market Research – we’ll find out what your prospects are searching for so you can be there when they do!
  • Website Optimization – Making sure your website communicates to Google you deserve to be found for what you offer.
  • Google Business Listing Optimization – Same as for your website!  We work to get Google to show you on their map results.
  • Social Media Management – Setting up and managing social media accounts to seek out and engage your target market,
  • Producing Marketing Videos – Creating optimized videos so prospects will find you on the world’s #2 search engine – YouTube.
  • Pay-Per-Click ad Management – Creating, testing & tweaking your Adwords and/or Facebook ads to continually improve their effectiveness.
  • Keyword-optimized Content – Creating blog posts and/or articles for publishing on social media to bring interested parties to your site.
  • And other cool stuff I’d rather not share online.

Advanced Consulting Services


Now, once we work together, and if we like each other, I MIGHT be willing to offer you:
  • Website Redesign – To rebuild your existing website so it’s up-to-date and/or more search-engine-friendly.
  • Systems Analysis – Analyze the software needs you have at your company in order to help you save time/money. Then select the best software to solve your challenge, install it, configure it, and train your staff. Once I nearly tripled a client’s revenues in one year by doing this.
  • Operations Analysis – Document and analyze the flow of information and resources through your company. Create a document or software tool to track those data and resources to optimize your company’s throughput and efficiency. Did this for a local minting company.
  • Job Position Streamlining – Have an employee that can’t get all their work done in a week’s time? No problem! I’ll document and analyze the tasks they are assigned, and figure out how to get them done in less time. I once turned a 40+ hour a week job into a 12-20 hour a week part-time position, saving the agency thousands of dollars a year in payroll costs.
  • Vendor Problem Resolution – Have a vendor that just can’t seem to get it done right? I got this. A local minting company put me on a plane to LA in the morning, I tracked down the problem, worked with staff & management to come up with a solution, and was back home for dinner.
Oh, that’s probably good enough. Bet you get the picture by now!

Call me: 801-423-6426 and leave a message. (I don’t publish my cell number, because I detest getting telemarketing calls, don’t you?).