“He was a sincere and dedicated employee.”

“A sincere and dedicated employee.”

Gene Pankratz, former President, Great Western Mint

“I hired Jesse as an Operations Analyst and Marketing Manager in February of 2,000. Jesse was an excellent employee and really performed well at the task assigned to him. Jesse was a key employee for The Great Western Mint.

“As an Operations Analyst he analyzed the flow of materials and information throughout the company and identified the need for centralized project scheduling and tracking. He created forms for use in tracking the production of minted coin orders. He created and automated CRM system and worked with customers to solve problems and find solutions.

“Jesse‚Äôs other function at The Great Western Mint was as Marketing Manager. As the Marketing Manager he created and implemented several programs to generate sales leads. He created a website for a showcase of products. He harvested, cleaned, and imported contact information for tens of thousands of prospects and assisted the Sales Manager to create training materials and manuals for sales reps.

“I would highly recommend Jesse Fisher to you. He was a sincere and dedicated employee.”