“Complete Self-Starter and Needs Very Little Supervision”

“He has had increasingly more responsible and difficult duties and has carried them out with distinction.”

“Jess Fisher is a bright and gifted man of many talents and abilities. I am very pleased to be able to give him my highest recommendation.

“Jess began his career with us over three years ago in a temporary position. At that time, he was placed in charge of maintaining our Substance Abuse Prevention accounts — making sure they were up-to-date and properly credited. Jesse developed the accounting side of this program for us, and along with the others in the department, made the entire work restitution program an enviable success that has achieved state-wide recognition.

“As soon as we had a full time, permanent position available we asked Jess to fill it. He accepted, and we then placed him in charge of all accounting for the Provo office of the Fourth District Juvenile Court. In this position, he has had increasingly more responsible and difficult duties, and has carried them out with distinction. A few months ago we asked him to oversee the accounting system of our Fillmore, Utah office as well. He has once again shown us that he is capable of all assignments we have asked of him.

“Jess has made many improvements in our accounting system on his own initiative, and this has resulted in greatly increased accountability from the folks ordered to pay fines and restitution by our Courts. The overall payment rate is among the very highest in the State of Utah, and much of the credit for that success lies with Jess’s hard work and diligence.

“Jess is a complete self-starter and needs very little supervision. Additionally, he is thoughtful in his work and is always on the lookout for ways to simplify and improve it. Simply stated, he sets very high goals for himself and then delivers.

“Jess has formed many fine relationships with people at work and is sought out for his expertise. In his dealings with the public we have always found him to be direct, honest and fair-minded.

“I believe Jess Fisher’s integrity, honesty, hard work and commitment will prove to be invaluable assets to any organization fortunate enough to hire him. I recommend to you without equivocation.”

– J. Brad Willis
Clerk of the Court,
Fourth District Juvenile Court