As mentioned in my tagline, I have used the following tech:

  • PHP – (self-taught) have used it to code three or so online apps, including one with 10,000 lines of code.
  • WordPress – (self-taught) – Having built dozens of websites for small businesses and social causes using WordPress.
  • React – (DevMountain) – Learned to use React in a 3-month “immersive” (ie. intensive!) bootcamp. Used React on my personal project,, and our group project, The BiPolar News.
  • Javascript – (DevMountain) – Picking up JS was easy for me. Guessing it’s because of my background in PHP and HyperScript, the Object-Oriented coding language shipped with the early Mac computers.
    I used HyperScript to build fractal-generators, text analysis programs, and several CRM databases for clients.
  • HTML/CSS – (self-taught) – Taught myself HTML back in 1996 when I built my first website.
  • C++ – (self-taught) – Taught myself enough C++ to create a fractal-generator during my lunch breaks.