CSBNutrition .com

Another long-term client has been CSB Nutrition.  Here’s an archived shot of their original website before I came along:

Nice, eh?  Well, after they saw so much success (in spite of their website) they ended up moving their operations into a much larger building in nearby Spanish Fork, Utah.  Here’s the first website I built for them (click to enlarge):

A few years later, in 2015, the owner ran across his competitor’s eye-catching websites and wanted to upgrade.  He wanted something really catchy. I think CSB Nutrition‘s website update was the most enjoyable web development project I’ve done.  It was my first foray into using parallax scrolling and animation.  The current site is the result… although he did have me turn off some of the fun animations, there are a few still left active on the site.

Creating the slider on the first screen full was a blast.  Loved selecting the stock photos and putting it all together for a great effect.  (Go see!)