Emily Bouchard, of, was my third customer back when I went full-time in SEO and web development in 2003. We met at an entrepreneur’s boot camp in LA.  I built her initial site from a simple template and coded all the content myself in HTML/CSS.

Through my SEO efforts, I was able to get her site into the top 10 Google search results, and keep her there, for years.  Over the years, I served as her on-demand webmaster, updating the site, and even creating other related sites for various marketing purposes.

In 2012 she insisted I update the website. I coded the entire 40+ page “by hand” in HTML, CSS, and some PHP. Here’s the 2nd version of the site, which you can click to enlarge:

Then a couple of years later, Emily was ready for another change. The result was the current version of the site, which can still be seen at  This latest version was built with WordPress so that Emily could update her site on her own.