The BiPolar News


Another online app coded in React/Redux.

Raising awareness of America’s polarized news industry.

When our class at DevMountain was asked to submit ideas for group projects, most of us submitted one or none. I submitted six!  The BiPolar News concept was the most-popular of the six.

The photo to your left is of the Intro page, which gives a good, brief description of the site.  This is what the site looked like after one and a half weeks of effort by our 4-person team.

Because two of our team were very skilled at back-end development, the other two of us focused mostly on front-end coding. Rachel and I brought the content to the front-end, and did most of the images and styling.

I particularly enjoyed using media queries to style the site for both mobile and desktop viewers.

The GitHub repository is here.  Below is the desktop view of the home page. See the live site at

Topics page