PostPiston was my personal project during my 3-month immersive bootcamp experience at DevMountain. Of 18 student projects, PostPiston was awarded “Most Technical”, one of five prize categories. We only had three weeks to complete the project, I typically put in 10-12 hour days on it.

The idea stemmed from my 15 years as a website marketer. Competing sites, Hootsuite and Postpiston, are great for sharing your pre-written tweets, but PostPiston actually helps you create tweets which link back to your content.

Tech used:

The site was built in React using Redux to manage all variables and data being passed between components.  I used Axios to save to and retrieve data from the database, as well as bringing in relevant photos via a RESTful API from  The algorithms for converting content into three unique tweets were, of course, coded in Javascript and displayed with JSXAuth0 provides the login authentication, and the data is stored in a PostgreSQL database.  I coded the site using Visual Studio Code and Node.

GitHub repository: PostPiston
Live site: