About Me

Web Developer / Operations Analyst

React | Redux | Javascript | PHP | HTML | CSS | WordPress | SEO/SEM | GIMP


My Meyers-Briggs INTJ classification shows that I am particularly suited to be a computer programmer or a process analyst. Just so happens, I enjoy both! In fact, I have well over a decade’s experience with both as described below.


After taking four Computer Science courses in college, programming became my long-term hobby where I conceived and coded such things as fractal generators, text analysis programs, and an artificial intelligence program. More recently, I coded a 10,000 line online app in PHP to connect people with others in their area who enjoy similar sports and activities. Also, I conceived, designed and coded an online app that helps groups make decisions using the Sociocracy governing model.

Professionally, I taught myself an object-oriented coding language, then designed & coded an extensive business operations tracking system which handled everything from CRM to production and distribution. Then as a freelance consultant, I designed & coded several business programs to track either production or sales. For well over a decade I have designed, built, & promoted dozens of custom websites for small businesses.

Here’s a few:

Blended-Families.com, CSBNutrition.com, NewSalemWeb.com, and ProvoDiamonds.com.

In order to update my computer coding skills, I am currently enrolled in DevMountain’s 12-week, immersive (ie. intensive) web development boot camp.

My GitHub: https://github.com/webpromo


Since launching my first business in the 7th grade, I have been finding ways to document, streamline, automate, and delegate business processes for nearly every employer (and many clients) for whom I’ve worked, saving time & boosting profits.

For example, I nearly tripled revenues in one year for a small construction company by streamlining and automating their bidding & accounting processes. Earlier, I turned a 40+ hour a week job into a 12-hour a week part-time position, then trained my replacement, saving thousands of dollars a year.

I have a long track record of creating time & money-saving tools to benefit my clients & employers.